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Sherri Ribbey

With an old house, a big garden and a new dog, Sherri is never at a loss for something to do!


My hostas need to move. I had to take out some big trees a couple of years ago and now the hostas are burning up. This year I’ll try them under the walnut trees. Thank goodness hostas are juglone tolerant!

I started gardening because of my grandmother. She had a huge vegetable garden. In high school, I grew catnip for my cat. She loved it.

Grow ‘Halfway to Arkansas’ amsonia. It has pretty blue flowers in spring and bright yellow foliage in fall.

I love visiting California gardens. When I first started going there I was amazed that all the plants we grow as houseplants here in the Midwest are pretty much shrubs there.

You can actually mow down an oakleaf hydrangea plant and it will survive. My husband accidentally did this — twice!

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