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DIY Stepping Stones

By: Sherri RibbeySherri Ribbey
With concrete, a pizza box, and a few leaves you can create this easy DIY stepping stone that's a piece of garden art!

DIY Stepping stone in the garden:This leaf stepper project is a beautiful accent to your patio or path.

Make your own stepping stones in 4 easy steps

Using the materials below you can make your own unique stepping stone that's more like a piece of garden art to spruce up your patio or path. Create a unique tabletop to set your drink on as you relax on the patio or one-of-a-kind steppers that make getting around the garden easier and more elegant.

Tools & materials

How to make a concrete stepping stone

Create form for stepping stone: Be sure to smooth the plastic bag down and tuck it in the corners so there aren't any bubbles.

Step 1: Make a form for the stepping stone

Cut the lid off the pizza box and reinforce each corner with duct tape. Then cut the bottom and side seam of a kitchen garbage bag to fit and secure it with tape to the box. This keeps the concrete from sticking to the cardboard.

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Mix the concrete: Press concrete into pizza box: Press the concrete into the box, especially the corners to completely fill the box and avoid air pockets.

Step 2: Mix the concrete

Mix fast-drying concrete with water, according to package directions, until it’s the consistency of a thick brownie mix. Fill the pizza box with the mix, making sure to push it into the corners.

Press leaves into concrete: Use a variety of leaf shapes and sizes to add variety and interest to the design.

Step 3: Start decorating the stepping stone

Press the leaves into the wet concrete surface. You may need to weigh part of a leaf down here and there with small stones to get the leaf to make contact with the concrete. Water may rise to the surface of the stepper, but don’t worry — it will evaporate.

Remove concrete stepper from form and take off leaves: Once the concrete has cured carefully turn it over and peel out the leaves.

Step 4: Cure and clean up the stepping stone

When the concrete has cured, or hardened, gently take it out of the box and pull out the leaves. Curing time can vary depending on the weather — ours took a couple of days. If a leaf sticks, you can scrub it out with a toothbrush or stiff bristled brush, otherwise you can let it wear away with time. Now your DIY stepping stone is ready to be placed out in the garden to enjoy! They also make great gifts for garden friends.

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DIY Stepping Stone Accent Table: You can also show off your piece of art as a decorative tabletop.

Get creative with your DIY stepping stone

If you don't have a path in need of stepping stones you can use the same process and a 16 inch pizza box to create a decorative table top for your deck or patio. We gave this wrought iron table with a glass top a seasonal look by placing the stepper on top. Adding rubber stoppers on the corners of the concrete help protect the glass and keep the stepper from moving around.

Published: Sept. 28, 2020

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