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DIY Butterfly Puddler

Create a simple butterfly puddler for your winged friends with a single bag of premixed concrete.

DIY Native Bee House

Invite hole-nesting bees to perform their pollinating magic in your garden by creating a welcoming bee house they’ll love.

Bird-Feeding Obelisk

Keep the birds well fed in fall and winter with this beautiful bird-feeding obelisk full of high energy treats they will love, and it makes for a good-looking garden ornament, too!

DIY Terra-Cotta Bird Feeder

Learn how to make a simple but stylish DIY terra-cotta bird feeder using an orchid pot. It will look great in your garden and the birds will love it, too!

How to Make Birdseed Cakes

Want homemade treats for the birds in your yard? Follow our simple steps for making birdseed cakes they will love!

DIY Bird Feeder Wreath

Decorate your garden for the season and welcome birds with this elegant DIY bird feeder wreath!

Welcome toads to your garden

Toads aren't just friendly creatures to have around the garden; they can control unwanted pests by munching on grubs, slugs and more! Invite them in with shelter, moisture and food.

DIY Sand-Cast Birdbath

Create a unique DIY sand-cast birdbath using any large leaf, sand & some concrete. We'll show you how and offer inspiration for more sand-cast ornaments to add to your garden.
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