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New from Garden Gate

Keep up with the latest garden ideas, how-to tips and plant suggestions from Garden Gate magazine.

Growing a Garden

Flowers & Plants

Looking for plant suggestions? See which ones we think you should know about right now!

| Plant Guide

'Curly Fries' hosta

Would you like fries with your shade garden? If it’s ‘Curly Fries’ hosta, you might want to super-size your order and get several: This is one small hosta!

Planning a Garden

Design Ideas

Looking for inspiration or solutions for tough spots? We can help!

| Design Ideas

Design with repetition

Make designing your garden easier by repeating elements. A favorite plant, a color you can't get enough of or even shapes and textures.

Learn Something New

How To…

Not sure how to plant, prune or divide? We’ll let you know how and when to tackle these tasks and solve other garden problems.

| Prune

How to prune roses

Not sure how to prune your roses? Follow these simple tips to ensure the prettiest flowers and healthiest plants.
| Start Seeds

How to store seeds

These tips will ensure your seeds will be kept safe for years at a time and still sprout when you decide to plant them.