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Start Seeds

Learn how to start seeds here. We'll show you how to collect your own seeds, when is the best time to start seeds indoors, how to grow seeds indoors or outdoors and even how and when to transplant seedlings once you have them started. Learn which seeds you should start yourself, what seed-starting setup is best and what tips we use to improve seed-starting success.

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Using a Heat Mat for Plants

Starting seeds this spring? You should probably be using a heat mat to speed up germination to get seedlings off to a good start!

How to Start Celosia from Seed

Wondering how to grow celosia from seed? These exotic blooms aren't as difficult as you might think. Follow these tips for celosia seed-starting success!

Seed-starting tips

Want to make starting seeds easier? Garden Gate readers share their favorite seed-starting tips.

When to Start Seeds Indoors

Check this handy guide and you'll know when to start seeds indoors and find the best time for transplanting them outdoors.

Seed guide

Want better germination rates? Horticulturist Brie Arthur shows you how to prep any seed and determine the best planting depth in this video.

How to store seeds

These tips will ensure your seeds will be kept safe for years at a time and still sprout when you decide to plant them.

How to Prechill Seeds

Looking to improve your seed-starting success? These three different methods will show you how to prechill (or stratify) your seeds before planting.
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