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2024's Best New Garden Plants: Fruits and Vegetables

By: Sherri RibbeySherri Ribbey
Expand your palate and try growing these new fruit and vegetable introductions in your garden this year.

New fruit and vegetable introductions for 2024

Give your garden and your plate a fresh look and taste with these new fruit and vegetable varieties!

Fruit snacks apple trees Photos courtesy of Plant Nouveau: Even small gardens can have delicious apple with this columnar series of apple trees.

Fruit Snacks apple (Malus hybrid)

You can grow your own apples even in a small yard with this new series, which features compact plants easy to squeeze into any sunny border. Tangy Green (above right) has pink-to-white spring blooms with a tart flavor, similar to a Granny Smith. Tasty Red (above left) has pink spring flowers that yield apples with a sweet juicy flavor. There are four other varieties in the series: All Red, Blushing Delight, Golden Treat and Sweet Tart.

Type Tree
Yields Six varieties with a range of colors and flavors on columnar trees
Light Full sun
Soil Well drained
Size 10 to 14 ft. tall, 3 to 5 ft. wide
Cold hardy USDA zones 5 to 8
Introducer Plants Nouveau
Source Local garden centers

Gourmansun Sunrise & Gourmandia Red beefsteak tomatoes: These tomatoes may have an out-of-the-ordinary shape but they taste delicious!

Gourmansun Sunrise & Gourmandia Red beefsteak tomatoes (Lycopersicon hybrids)

We got loads of fruit from these beefsteak tomatoes last summer. Everyone loved the distinctive shape, color and sweet flavor. They were super meaty and could be used in a similar way as paste tomatoes. Both varieties are indeterminate, taking 85 days until you can harvest the beautiful 10-ounce fruits.

Type Annual
Yields 10-oz. red or red-and yellow heart-shaped tomatoes
Light Full sun
Soil Well drained
Size 60 to 72 in. tall; indeterminate plants
Introducer Burpee® Home Gardens
Source Local garden centers

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Pastel duo turnip Courtesy of Reneesgarden.com: These may be small turnips, but fresh or roasted, they have a great flavor!

‘Pastel Duo’ baby turnip (Brassica rapa)

There’s no need to peel to enjoy the mild, sweet taste of this tiny pink or white turnip that looks more like a radish. Harvest and eat them in a salad or as a crisp and crunchy snack. You can even cut and sauté the green tops.

Type Annual
Yields Small pink or white turnips
Light Full sun
Soil Well drained
Size Sow seeds 1 in. apart and thin to 3 in. in spring or late summer
Introducer & Source Renee’s Garden, reneesgarden.com, 888-880-7228

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