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Looking for plant suggestions? See which ones we think you should know about right now!

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How to grow great daylilies

Learn an expert’s secrets to growing stunning daylilies every year, from how to decipher a daylily catalog to maintenance tips once they’re in your garden.

How to grow pansies

See our helpful tips on how to grow pansies, including planting, deadheading and fertilizing. Plus learn about some beautiful varieties we recommend growing!

How to grow mums

Chrysanthemums are the quintessential flowers of autumn...find out how to grow them and see a few of our favorite varieties to add to your garden.

Long-blooming salvias

When other plants start to fade in fall, you can count on these long-blooming salvias to keep the garden alive with their vibrant color.

Find the right dahlia for your garden

Dahlias make a late-summer garden spectacular. Be sure you’re buying the right dahlia for the right spot in your garden with our dahlia buying guide.

8 late-season flowers

Want beautiful blooms as long as possible? Try these 8 late-season flowers for color and interest in your autumn garden.

5 multiseason shrubs

Plant these 5 multiseason shrubs and get an eye-catching bed or border whether they’re blooming or not.

Improved garden perennials

Are new varieties of perennials always better than the old favorites? Here are 6 improved garden perennials that we think live up to the hype.

Coneflower growing guide

Make room in your garden for these cool varieties of our old-fashioned favorite purple coneflower and learn a few tips about how to grow them.

Long-lasting annuals for your garden

Whether you’re looking to perk up the planters on your porch or fill out bare spots in your garden, these long-lasting annuals will add color and interest to your garden for more than one season.
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