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Looking for plant suggestions? See which ones we think you should know about right now!

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Improved garden perennials

Are new varieties of perennials always better than the old favorites? Here are 6 improved garden perennials that we think live up to the hype.

Coneflower growing guide

Make room in your garden for these cool varieties of our old-fashioned favorite purple coneflower and learn a few tips about how to grow them.

Long-lasting annuals for your garden

Whether you’re looking to perk up the planters on your porch or fill out bare spots in your garden, these long-lasting annuals will add color and interest to your garden for more than one season.

How to grow grape hyacinth

Small but mighty, this lovable spring bulb is hard to beat. Take our tips for growing beautiful grape hyacinth!

Winter flowers for every region

Wondering if you can get anything to bloom during your winter? Check out some of our favorite winter-blooming shrubs for each region. You might be surprised!

Quick-growing annual vines

Wouldn’t you love to pack more flowers into your garden? Grow vertically! Here are six quick-growing annual vines to add to your garden this year.

Conifer Q&A

Conifers are easy to enjoy any time of the year. These trouble-free evergreens offer year-round beauty and provide shelter for birds and other wildlife. We asked an expert for his favorite plants and tips.

Shrubs with fall foliage

Great fall colors aren’t just found on trees. Some of the best shades of orange, red yellow and even purple come from these shrubs with fall foliage.
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