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Looking for plant suggestions? See which ones we think you should know about right now!

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Shrubs with fall foliage

Great fall colors aren’t just found on trees. Some of the best shades of orange, red yellow and even purple come from these shrubs with fall foliage.

8 cool-weather plants

Don’t stop gardening when the temperature drops! Here are gorgeous cool-weather plants that don’t mind a little chill.

How many bulbs do you need?

Plug the square footage of your bed or border into our bulb calculator and you'll find out how many bulbs you need.

Grow your best tulips ever

Want to know the secret to the biggest and best tulips every spring? Try these tips and meet a few reliable bloomers you should be growing.

4 drought-tolerant plants

Looking for a water-wise garden? Hot, dry days don't stop the lush foliage and colorful flowers of these tough and gorgeous plants.

Summer stars for shade

Does your shade garden need some extra summer color? The flowers of these 3 gorgeous summer perennials can brighten up any spot!

The best goldenrods for your garden

Goldenrod is a beautiful native perennial. Some species can be invasive, but we've compiled 9 of the best goldenrods for your garden. They won’t take over!

6 plants bees love

Bees take care of the garden, so take care of the bees by planting one or all of these bee-friendly plants.

Amazing alliums

It’s hard to beat these bold, globe-shaped flowers for garden drama. Diversify your allium collection with four of our most-loved alliums!
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