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6 plants bees love

Bees take care of the garden, so take care of the bees by planting one or all of these bee-friendly plants.

Amazing alliums

It’s hard to beat these bold, globe-shaped flowers for garden drama. Diversify your allium collection with four of our most-loved alliums!

Save your peony blooms for later

Don’t you love a fresh bouquet of peony flowers? This simple trick will let you fill your vase with these beauties even after the typical blooming period has passed.

Grow a deer-proof garden

Struggling with deer eating every plant in your garden? Try this list of deer-resistant garden plants!

'Curly Fries' hosta

Would you like fries with your shade garden? If it’s ‘Curly Fries’ hosta, you might want to super-size your order and get several: This is one small hosta!

Best new perennials for 2017

Check out four new perennials you’ll see in garden centers and online this spring. They’re some of our favorites!
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