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Container Gardening

Add life to your patio. Dress up your front entry. We have all the inspiration, how-to tips and container recipes you need to grow beautiful pots in your garden in every season.

Container Garden Design

DIY Porch Pots with Spruce Tips & Evergreens

Watch and learn how to use spruce tips, pine branches and more evergreens to make gorgeous winter porch pots!

A colorful fall hanging basket

The trees’ changing leaves are the crowning glory of fall, so put them to use! Here’s an incredible trick for creating a colorful fall hanging basket.

A convenient container garden

This impressive arrangement of containers cuts back on watering and keeps maintenance at a minimum. We’ll tell you how!

Best Foliage Plants for Containers

Every container needs a couple of foliage plants. You can't beat the long-lasting impact and easy care! Here are 11 of the best foliage plants for containers.

Try ferns in your shade containers!

If you need some fresh ideas for your container gardens, try using ferns in your shade containers! Take a look below at two great container recipes with ferns.

Fall Windowbox Planting

See how to plant up a colorful windowbox for fall with cool-season annuals and dried accents from the garden to dress up a front entry in our how-to video!

2023 Container Challenge Winners!

See the winning designs in this year's Container Garden Challenge along with planting plans so you can recreate these beautiful arrangements in your own garden.

Pansy Container Ideas

Pansies are beautiful cold-tolerant flowers — check out these 5 pansy container plans for spring!

Tabletop Planter Ideas

These tabletop planters may be small, but their colorful flowers and foliage can make a big impact on your outdoor living area.

Hanging Basket Hacks

Try these genius tips and you’ll have gorgeous hanging baskets throughout the season.