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Hanging Basket Hacks

Try these genius tips and you’ll have gorgeous hanging baskets throughout the season.

Easy Upcycled Planters

Don’t break the bank on expensive pottery when you can make these easy upcycled planters out of your thrift store treasures for a truly unique container garden!

Garden Gate Container Garden Challenge

Watch Garden Gate's Container Garden Challenge: 2 garden pros design colorful containers in 30 minutes or less. Learn their tips and get the container plans here.

Types of Hanging Basket Liners

Here’s our shopping guide to help you choose which hanging basket liner will work best for your plants — sphagnum peat moss, landscape fabric or coconut fiber.

How to Build a Terrarium

Add some green to your home with a thoughtfully-made terrarium. Read our tips on how to build one and the materials you will need to create your own.

How to Plant a Hanging Basket

Growing plants in a hanging basket isn’t difficult. Follow these simple tips to make sure you get gorgeous results every year.
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