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Growing a Garden

Flowers & Plants

Learn which plants grow where and how to grow your favorite annuals, perennials, bulbs, trees and shrubs.

Bird- & Butterfly-Friendly

Flowers that will attract butterflies

Here are some well-known garden flowers and the butterflies they will attract.

Plant Guide

Looking for plant suggestions? See which ones we think you should know about right now!

Improved garden perennials

Are new varieties of perennials always better than the old favorites? Here are 6 improved garden perennials that we think live up to the hype.

Coneflower growing guide

Make room in your garden for these cool varieties of our old-fashioned favorite purple coneflower and learn a few tips about how to grow them.

Long-lasting annuals for your garden

Whether you’re looking to perk up the planters on your porch or fill out bare spots in your garden, these long-lasting annuals will add color and interest to your garden for more than one season.


One plant is nice. More is better! Learn how to create beautiful pairings here!

How to grow a cut flower garden

Why spend money on bouquets when you can grow your own? Learn how to grow a spring cutting garden and you can surround yourself with cheerful flowers, indoors and out!

Purple plant combos for fall

Shades of purple are a stunning addition to the fall color palette. Check out these two gorgeous purple plant combos for fall.

Designing With

Put your favorite plants to work—creative design solutions, beautiful combinations and more!

Five flowering vines for your arbor

There’s nothing sweeter than strolling under a flower-filled arbor, so don’t let your arbor stand bare. Plant one of these five flowering vines for your arbor!

Black flowers & foliage

Looking to add depth to your garden’s color palette? These plants with black flowers and foliage are sure to add drama.

Bird- & Butterfly-Friendly

Bring in more winged visitors with these irresistible plants.

Meet five common pollinators

Chances are you’ve spotted one of these common pollinators in your garden. But do you know how they pollinate and which flowers they love? Learn more here!

Six plants birds love

Attract more birds to your garden when you grow these six plants. Birds love their berries and seeds!