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Learn how to plant anything, from trees to perennials, bulbs and even houseplants. We'll show you the best way to dig a hole, how to harden off tender plants, how to choose the best garden tools and even shopping tips and our favorite places for mail-order plants.

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DIY cold frames

Harden off plants easier with one of these DIY cold frames in your garden.

How to Repot an Orchid

Repotting orchids is an important way to keep plants healthy and blooming. Make sure you know these simple tips!

How Many Bulbs Do You Need?

Plug the square footage of your bed or border into our bulb calculator and you'll find out how many bulbs you need.

Weather-proof garden markers

Plastic plant tags break and fade over time. Never lose track of another plant when you use this weather-proof garden marker method from expert Brie Arthur.

Best Places to Buy Plants Online

Looking to buy plants online? Check out our list of recommended websites to find quality mail-order plants to add to your own garden.

Adaptive Tools for Gardeners

From ergonomic tools to adaptive gear and gadgets, there are lots of products to make gardening easier and more accessible. Use our suggestions to keep on gardening.

How to test your soil’s pH

How do you know if your garden soil is alkaline or acid? Follow our step-by-step instructions and learn how to test your soil’s pH.
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