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Bird- & Butterfly-Friendly

Design a butterfly and bird garden. Learn which plants attract butterflies and birds. Choose the best feeders. Learn to identify butterflies. It's all here!

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4 types of hummingbirds

Different hummingbirds live in different regions of the United States. Learn about 4 types of hummingbirds and find out which of these flying jewels is visiting your garden.

Meet five common pollinators

Chances are you’ve spotted one of these common pollinators in your garden. But do you know how they pollinate and which flowers they love? Learn more here!

6 plants birds love

Attract more winged visitors to your garden when you grow these six plants birds love — each one has berries or seeds the birds can't resist!

All about hummingbird feeders

If you want to start attracting hummingbirds to your windowsills for an up close and personal look, you need to put out hummingbird feeders filled with sweet nectar.

Butterfly Host Plants

Want to turn your garden into a beautiful pollinator hangout? Plant these butterfly host plants so these winged wonders can use them as a nursery!
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