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In the Weeds

In our newest column, In the Weeds, Jamie Seitz takes a look at the light-hearted side of gardening.

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Tomatoes on Steroids

Does anyone else's tomato plants go wild in the garden when they are on summer vacation, or is it just me?

The Tale of Our Harvest Bowl

Our harvest bowl started as the perfect popcorn bowl, but then something so heinous happened that changed the trajectory of this bowl’s main purpose forever.

Bad Brussels JuJu

Have you ever tried to grow a crop without success? Jamie shares her ups & downs with her ongoing battle to grow Brussels sprouts.

A Backyard Full of Memories

There is something magical about backyards and all the great memories that are created there. Jamie shares how hers really became the heart of her home.

Chipmunks Vs. Garden

Have you ever battled with chipmunks in your garden? Find out how these relentless critters wreaked havoc in my vegetable beds.

What I Love About Gardening

There's nothing quite like sharing the love for gardening with fellow plant lovers! Jamie shares the joy in building camaraderie with other gardeners at her local garden club.

Gardening & Marriage

Jamie shares the trials and tribulations of landscaping projects with her husband and how they manage to stay married in the process.

It's a Jungle in Here!

Have so many houseplants it's starting to look like a jungle? Jamie shares how her indoor plant obsession started.

Olympic Gardening

One winter Jamie's grandma Jo turned their vegetable garden into an ice rink creating a core memory she'll never forget.

What's Your Raking Personality?

When it's time to take care of fall leaves, Jamie's family is enlisted to help (whether they want to or not!) and everyone has their own approach.

Did I Plant That?

Jamie's almost positive she planted the row of plants coming up in her garden, but her neighbor thinks differently...

The Apple Tree

Jamie's husband isn't ready to share, his apples, no matter how cute the "borrower" is.
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