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See exactly how and when to prune the plants in your garden to keep them healthy and looking their best. We'll show you how to deadhead perennials, how to prune trees and shrubs, our favorite pruning tools and more.

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Root Pruning Container Grown Trees

Keep container-grown trees healthy for years by root pruning. We'll break it down into simple steps and show you how it's done in our helpful how-to video!

How to Deadhead Petunias

Not sure how to deadhead petunias? Jenny shares a few different methods to tidy up your petunias and her favorite tools for the job.

Pruning Spirea

Check out this no-fail advice for pruning spirea to get more flowers and keep its habit tidy throughout the season.

Must-Have Pruning Tools for Gardeners

Stock your garden shed with these must-have pruning tools and you’ll be ready to make the cut! What’s the difference between them? Let’s take a look.

Never Follow this Pruning Advice

Doing some pruning this spring? You may have heard at least one of these pieces of advice being touted as fact. Here’s what you should do instead.
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How to Prune Roses

Not sure how to prune your roses? Follow these simple tips to ensure the best blooms and healthiest plants.

How to Deadhead Over 50 Perennials

Deadheading will help your garden look better. Not sure how to cut? Our comprehensive guide shows exactly how and when to deadhead over 50 common perennials.

Your Handy Shrub Pruning Guide

Do you know which of your shrubs could benefit from pruning? We do! Our guide will help you know how to prune and when to prune 37 different shrubs.
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