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Flowery foundation garden

By: Garden Gate staff
A compact spot between the driveway and front door packs a punch with help from these easy-care, long-blooming flowers.

This small space between the driveway and front entry is only 11 ft. long and 7 ft. wide, but it can still look great!

Repeating a couple of plants from elsewhere in the front yard helps tie the two areas together and make it less obvious this space is so small from a distance. And adding other long bloomers with a variety of shapes and habits gives visitors a great view as they approach the front door.

This garden peaks in summer but fall is great, too, with the long-lasting flowers of tall sedum and panicle hydrangea that will even last into winter.

Since sun reflecting off the house and surrounding pavement can make it hot in summer and fool plants into breaking dormancy too soon in late winter, whatever grows here has to be tough, too.

gp area-btwn-driveway-Plan

Get the look of the garden above:

  • The small empty container echoes the shape and style of the larger one on the other side of the entry. A sculpture or an obelisk supporting a flowering vine would work just as well to provide interesting texture and color.

To find out which plants fit the bill, keep clicking!

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