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How Often Should I Water Rex Begonias?

By: Sherri RibbeySherri Ribbey
Struggling with rex begonias? It could be that you're watering too often. Find out how often to water rex begonias to get plants that look fantastic!

rex begonia with other shade loving plants on a patio: When you're growing rex begonias outdoors, be careful not to overwater.

Get rex begonia watering right

Let's dive into the essential topic of watering rex begonias. These gorgeous foliage plants require some watering know-how to keep them in tip-top shape whether you grow them indoors our out.

Watering tips for rex begonias indoors

To get the best from your rex begonias indoors, make sure it's growing in soilless potting mix and a container that has holes in the bottom so water drains easily. Give plants prime real estate near a bright window facing north or east, or if needed, bring in the reinforcements with artificial lighting. When it comes to watering your rex begonias, hold off until that potting mix is dry — too much water causes rot. To find out if it's time to water by inserting your forefinger into the potting mix up to the first knuckle. If the mix is dry, it's time to water. But keep an eye out for crispy leaf edges, too, that's a telltale sign your plant is getting too dry or in too much sun.

Add humidity

Now, indoors can be a bit of a challenge for these begonias. They struggle with low humidity, especially during the winter months. A little trick to battle this is to gather your indoor plants together to create a cozy, humid hangout. You can even try placing a tray filled with pebbles and water beneath the pots, just making sure the plants are not sitting in the water. A trusty humidifier in the room can also work wonders. Oh, and guess what? Your bathroom can be a spa retreat for rex begonias — as long as they get some sunshine through the window. Pro-tip: lowering the thermostat actually ups the humidity game — warmer rooms tend to have drier air.

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Watering rex begonias growing outdoors

When it's time to take your Rex begonias outside, find them a little haven on your porch or a cozy spot with some shade. Don't go overboard with the sun — too much can scorch those unique leaves. And watch out for strong winds and heavy rainfall that could wreak havoc on the foliage and drown the poor plant. Keep an eagle eye on the moisture levels because the great outdoors can speed up the drying process. You don't want your lovely begonias wilting on you! So, to check if it's time to water, stick your finger in the potting mix up to your first knuckle. If it's dry, it's time to water.

Rex begonia recommendations

You can grow any rex begonia outdoors in part to full shade. But here's a pro-tip: when you're growing these plants outdoors, it's best to keep them in containers instead of sticking them directly in the ground. Why, you ask? Soil splashing on the foliage paired with their mounded shape can hold onto moisture, inviting rot or fungal disease. Feed your rex begonias liquid plant food every seven days during the summer (when watering is on a roll) and every 14 days in spring and fall. They need that extra boost to show off their stunning beauty!

Armed with these watering secrets for both for indoor and outdoor care, you'll have a thriving rex begonia collection in no time. Happy watering!

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Published: July 19, 2023

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