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Eating Well


Homegrown really does taste better.

Edible Plant Guide

Cool-season vegetables to plant in fall

Fall is the perfect time to grow cool-season vegetables. Learn which plants do best in fall and this expert’s tips on timing for the best harvest.

Edible Plant Guide

Learn to grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and fruits here.

How to grow strawberries

Learn how to grow strawberries (June-bearing, ever-bearing, and day neutral). We'll show you how to plant, mulch, water and renovate a strawberry garden.

5 great reasons to grow peas

If you've never grown peas before, you should! Learn how to grow peas (and why they're so great!) in this video from Angela Judd of Growing in the Garden.

How to grow your own greens

Everything tastes better when you grow it yourself. Should you grow lettuce, kale, mustard or another leafy green? We'll help you decide and show you how to grow them.

Double-duty edibles

Surprise! If you love juicy blueberries or Asian pears, then check this out: They aren’t just tasty fruit, but they also grow on gorgeous plants!

Getting Started

Our best tips for planning and planting the vegetable garden you’ve always dreamed of.


It’s all about fragrance and flavor!

Ideas for growing herbs in pots

No space for an herb garden? Grow herbs in a container garden instead! These herbs in pots are perfect for growing outdoors on your deck, patio or in windowboxes.

5 easy-to-grow herbs

Meet five easy-to-grow herbs and learn how to harvest and save them for your kitchen.


We know these great ideas will save you time and money.


The perfect summer food… learn the secrets to the tastiest tomatoes.

4 favorite heirloom tomatoes

Tomato guru Brie Arthur shares four of her favorite heirloom tomatoes. They produce lots of fruit, add color to your garden and plate, and taste delicious!