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If You Give a Gardener a Rake....

By: Jamie Seitz
Sometimes starting a few garden chores in spring has a way of turning into an all-day affair!

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Finding joy in spring chores

If you give a gardener a rake on a spring day, she’ll probably want to clean up the pile of wet winter leaves from the edges of her garden. While cleaning up the leaves, she’ll be excited to see the first green tips of her irises coming up through the earth, reminding her that she needs to order flower seeds for this season.

But before she can order seeds, she should probably check to see which seeds she has left over from last year. On the way to check her seed stash, she’ll think about how she hasn’t turned her compost bin recently. When turning the compost bin, she sees it’s ready to be added to her garden. She’ll have to go to the shed to get a pair of gloves, but then she’ll spy the patio furniture stored in the shed for the winter.

Since it’s such a beautiful spring day, the gardener will decide to get out the patio furniture to make it easier to access the tools in the back of the shed.

With the shed empty, she can’t help but notice all her pretty flowerpots stacked in the shed. Even though it’s too early in the season to plant flowers, she hops in the car and drives to the local nursery. As she strolls the garden center, she’ll think about how it’s always been her dream to grow dahlias. So, she’ll stop in the middle of the garden center and Google how to grow dahlias. She’ll find a great deal online and order dahlia tubers.


Before you know it...

As she continues to wander the garden center's aisles, she will see the bags of mulch and remember that her flower beds need some TLC. Before she knows it, her car is weighed down by 15 bags of mulch, plus potting mix, because she can’t quite remember if she has some at home.

When she gets home, she’ll drag the bags of mulch to the flower beds. Then she’ll see more wet leaves that need to be raked up, reminding her that the rake is propped up next to the compost bin. Since she didn’t get around to adding compost earlier, she’ll do that after cleaning up the leaves and before she mulches. And when the leaves are picked up, the flower beds are mulched, the garden is tilled, and the dahlia tubers are en route, she might as well go ahead and sow a few rows of lettuce in the garden because even though it’s early in the season, it should be just fine...

Does anyone else’s gardening feel a little like If You Give a Pig a Pancake? Or is that just me? Happy gardening!

Jamie has a deep love for children’s books that started way back when she was a little girl learning to read. Now, she writes middle-grade and young-adult books for older kids. In fact, her first two books are being published this year!

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Published: April 10, 2024

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