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What I Love About Gardening

By: Jamie Seitz
There's nothing quite like sharing the love for gardening with fellow plant lovers! Jamie shares the joy in building camaraderie with other gardeners at her local garden club.

Jamie and Her Garden, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

I was invited by a garden club last fall (shout out to the Ackworth Garden Club!) to speak at their Autumn Fest about the funny garden stuff I talk about in this column. The day was filled with knowledgeable speakers who were far more qualified experts in gardening than I, so naturally, I took as many notes as I could. Thanks to Barry, the tree expert, I have a list of 20 shrubs and trees I need to talk my husband into planting, which could be tricky since my yard is already quite full of plants and trees and on the shady side. I also learned how to better care for my houseplants, plus some fascinating facts about organic farm-to-table gardening. I was high on new information! Over lunch, I came to this profound conclusion.

Every single person in the room loved gardening. Like really, really loved it.

Whether it was their job to educate the average Jamie on which trees would thrive in a shady space or if they just dabbled in their backyard gardens like me, every attendee loved what they were doing. It was a pleasure to get together with other gardeners, learn from each other, talk about our gardens and ultimately become better gardeners. On my way home, I thought about what exactly I love about gardening so much.

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The joy of being out in the garden

On the simplest level, I enjoy being barefoot, outdoors, in the sunshine, especially in the early days of summer when the mornings are cool, and everything is new and green. Warm soil in my hands as I select my favorite annuals to fill my patio planters. The first delicate buds on the lilacs. The first bees of the season abuzz around the apple blossoms. When the garden comes alive with color as the summer creeps by.

But it’s more than that.

Making fresh salsa or zucchini bread from vegetables I picked from my garden fills me with overwhelming satisfaction. Green beans straight from the garden and sautéed in a bit of olive oil and garlic is one of the most perfect meals one could make. I take almost as much pride in growing a beautiful tomato or head of broccoli as I do in my parenting abilities. (Is that weird?) Maybe it’s the accomplishment of taking something from start to finish, from seed to full-grown plant? Maybe knowing I would have a good chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse because I can grow my own food? Maybe a little of both.

If you love gardening too, and of course you do if you read Garden Gate Magazine, I highly recommend finding a garden group to join or attending a garden program in your area!

Surround yourself with plant people

Tell them about what you’re doing in your backyard and watch your new friend’s eyes light up. Listen to someone talk about the heirloom seed you just have to plant next year and get the fluttery feeling in your chest like you’re falling in love for the first time. And if you see me at one of your garden clubs, be sure to come over and introduce yourself and let’s swap garden stories.

When Jamie isn’t perfecting her garden stand-up comedy routine to take on the Garden Club circuit, she is probably wandering her favorite antique stores on the hunt for vintage aprons or old telephones to add to her collection.

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Published: April 10, 2023
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