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Learn how to start a new vegetable garden, choose the best vegetables and how to take care of a vegetable garden. Meet some of our favorite varieties and browse our time- and money-saving garden tips. Homegrown really does taste better!

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Gardening & Marriage

Jamie shares the trials and tribulations of landscaping projects with her husband and how they manage to stay married in the process.

It's a Jungle in Here!

Have so many houseplants it's starting to look like a jungle? Jamie shares how her indoor plant obsession started.

Olympic Gardening

One winter Jamie's grandma Jo turned their vegetable garden into an ice rink creating a core memory she'll never forget.

Growing Root Vegetables

Grow your own delicious and healthy root vegetables with these secrets to success. Find helpful tips for growing carrots, beets, radishes, turmeric, ginger & horseradish here!

How to Grow Radishes

Learn the secrets to growing radishes and how to harvest this cool-season vegetable in both spring and fall!

Growing Cucumbers

Cucumbers are an easy vegetable to grow! See our 4 tips for growing cucumbers and getting your best harvest.

What's Your Raking Personality?

When it's time to take care of fall leaves, Jamie's family is enlisted to help (whether they want to or not!) and everyone has their own approach.
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Did I Plant That?

Jamie's almost positive she planted the row of plants coming up in her garden, but her neighbor thinks differently...

The Apple Tree

Jamie's husband isn't ready to share, his apples, no matter how cute the "borrower" is.
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