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Indoor Plant Wall Ideas for Cuttings

By: Jennifer HowellJennifer Howell
Looking for a better way to display your cuttings? Try these easy indoor plant wall ideas, perfect for showing off your plants as they root!

Plant Cutting Wall: Clear glass makes it easy to see if roots are growing enough to pot up the cuttings.

Create a plant wall of cuttings!

Out of space on the windowsill because you have too many little jars of plant cuttings? For some of us, it’s a problem! Here’s an idea to get those cuttings off the sill or kitchen counter and looking cute while they root.

Propagation station

You may already have just the thing for this project in your closet: A wall-mounted broom and mop holder. Each grip can hold a broom handle up to 1½ inches in diameter — the perfect size for the neck of a small vase (or a 1-inch-diameter test tube). Check out craft stores or thrift shops for vases and jars that will pop securely into the handle grips. I liked these small bud vases with flared openings because they ensure the vases won’t slide down and out of the holder’s grip.

Materials for Plant Cuttings Wall:

Mop & Broom Holder Wall Mount
Bowdanie 4 PCS Single Broom Holder Wall Mount
1 Inch Glass Test Tubes

Get the right light for plant cuttings

Hang the propagation station on a wall with plenty of bright light from a nearby window (or grow light). Cuttings root best when grown in light similar to the plant they were taken from. Hot south-facing windows can be harsh on tender cuttings, but east- or west-facing are good. Add water to the vase every few days if the level is low and change the water if it becomes murky or green. If your vase builds up residue that won’t rinse out, scroll down for a florist tip for keeping cutting jars clean below.

Coleus cutting in a test tube of water on the wall: Hang a label with the plant name on the hook to keep track of your 

Creative cuttings

Hang a single broom holder grip with a test tube, as in the photo above, with Command® adhesive strips. Or arrange several singles in a unique design. Try colored glass vases and see how the light catches and shines through. There are so many fun ways to turn a simple jar of cuttings into a pretty propagation station. And the best part is, you’ll get more plants!

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Tip for keeping cutting jars clean

A vase or jar used to start cuttings can get dirty with bacteria and mineral deposits. Here’s a florist trick to clean your glassware:

  1. Fill the vase with hot water.
  2. Drop in a denture cleaning tablet (or two, depending on the size of the glass) and let it fizz.
  3. When it is done fizzing, dump the water and use a bottle brush to wipe out remaining residue.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and dry.
Published: Dec. 20, 2022

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