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How to make tulips last longer every spring

By: Kristin Beane Sullivan
Learn the secret to growing tulips that last longer than just a week every year.

If you’ve been frustrated by your tulips’ short bloom time, here’s a way to make sure them last longer every year.

Fall planting

It all starts in fall. Buy several varieties that bloom at different times. Look for early mid- and late-blooming varieties and buy a bag of each. Mix them all together in your wheelbarrow and then plant them all together.

We planted 300 tulip bulbs in two garden beds at our test garden that are 2 ½× 5 and by 2 ½× 7 ft.

Check out our bulb calculator to see how many to plant in your garden bed


Spring show

The next spring, you’ll have different tulips blooming at different times. As the flowers start to fade, either cut off those stems or simply pull out the bulbs, leaving the later ones to show off.

See exactly how to do this (and the results!) in the video above.

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how-to-make-tulips-last-longer-every-spring-mix-bulbs: Mixing together tulip bulbs with different blooms times will extend your spring tulip show.

Create a tulip bulb blend

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Published: March 29, 2019

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