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Beneficial companion planting

By: Garden Gate staff
Some plants help each other when grown together. Learn which companion planting techniques really work and why.

Companion planting is a popular method of growing different plants together to the benefit of each. There is scientific evidence that supports some plant associations, while others, such as planting basil with tomatoes, don’t have any supporting evidence. The Three Sisters polyculture technique is one well-known ancient Native American companion planting method that works. The illustration above shows how the Three Sisters — corn, beans and squash — help each other when planted together.

Culinary herbs are great additions to a garden because they emit strong scents that camouflage your crops from pests or draw in beneficial insects. For instance, plant tomatoes with borage, which attracts parasitic wasps that kill tomato hornworms. Many herbs also bring in pollinators, which are necessary in a vegetable garden or orchards.

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