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When Should I Stop Watering My Garden in Fall?

By: Jim Childs
If you're unsure when to put away the hose and stop watering in fall, find the answer here.

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Watering the garden in fall

As the seasons transition and the temperatures drop, the old garden saying “The last tool you should put away for winter is your garden hoseis true. Although the soil may not dry out as quickly as it does during the scorching summer months, plants still require attention and care in the fall and winter.

In the cooler seasons, when the soil is not frozen and feels dry to the touch, go ahead and water, whether it's October or January. But let the soil tell you when it’s time to water: Too much contributes to crown or root rot, especially in winter when many plants are dormant. And be sure to disconnect and empty the hose after each use when a freeze is in the forecast so it doesn’t burst.

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