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How to Deadhead Dianthus

By: Jennifer HowellJennifer Howell
Deadhead dianthus after they're done blooming to keep plants tidy.

Deadhead dianthus for a tidier plant

With delightful, clove-scented flowers and compact mounds of blue-green foliage, dianthus (Dianthus spp. and hybrids) are a front-of-the-border star in a sunny garden. Dianthus, commonly called pinks, bloom from late spring into summer but will sporadically rebloom if spent flowers are snipped off regularly. Deadheading dianthus also makes the plant tidier and will prevent it from reseeding.

Helpful Deadheading Tools:
WORX Cordless Shrubber Trimmer
Small Hedge Shears
Garden Snips

how to deadhead dianthus with garden shears: Garden shears are a good way to deadhead a lot of dianthus flowers at once.

How to deadhead dianthus

After dianthus blooms fade, use scissors or small snips to cut back the elongated flower stems. Cut the stem back into the mound of foliage where new branches are emerging, so you won't be left with unsightly stubs sticking out. But if you have a lot of dianthus to deadhead and aren't worried if stubs show, you can use a small hedge shear like you see above to make the work go faster.

How to deadhead dianthus with battery-powered shrubber tool: This battery-powered handheld shrubber tool makes deadheading dianthus a breeze!

Deadheading dianthus the easy way!

To make deadheading even easier and more efficient, use a battery-powered hand-held shears with the grass shear blade, like the one used in the video above, to deadhead dianthus plants with a couple quick passes. Rake your hand through the foliage when you are done to brush the debris out and toss it in the compost bin.

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Published: March 22, 2023

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