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Test Garden Manager & Associate Editor

Jennifer Howell

A lifelong gardener, Jennifer never considered another career but horticulture. She has spent years in the industry, at greenhouses, garden centers, flower shops, even starting her own interior plant care service which she still manages part-time after landing here at Garden Gate. She doesn’t get away from it at home, either — she helps her husband run their family Christmas tree farm.

Jennifer’s goal is to spend more time in her own garden, a possibility as both of her sons will soon be in college. And maybe clean her house, ride her horse, play with the dog, and finally catch all the barn cats to get them spayed and neutered. So many cats…


Pearl Glam® beautyberry is beautiful in fall. This shrub’s dark foliage and bright purple berries have been so pretty at our test garden! I’ll definitely be planting it at home.

You can help your Christmas tree last longer. Here are some tips I offer customers at my family’s Christmas tree farm: Give it a fresh cut before you set it up, water with lukewarm water (rather than cold) and display it away from a window or a heat vent.

Don’t give up on perennials. I’ve waited four years for my little mukdenia (Mukdenia rossii) to shine, and this year it’s finally large and bloomed beautifully.

Try not to overwater your houseplants. As “The Plant Lady,” I also take care of houseplants for local businesses. When I finally discovered and vacuumed the excess water out of a large container at a mall, the smell was so bad that the nearby Easter Bunny had to take a break... don’t let that happen to you!

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