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Long-blooming pink flower combo

By: James A. Baggett
Grow this long-blooming pink flower combo and you’ll enjoy flowers for several months in late spring and summer.

Pretty-in-pink-vignette-labeled2: This soft shade of pink is so versatile — it’s great for tempering more intense colors or for creating a serene atmosphere

Pink can be easy to use in the garden. It is one of the most common flower colors, especially in the early summer cottage garden. And pink is friendly — in color theory, pink is referred to as a “linking color,” acting as an intermediary to forge connections between other stronger shades, such as blue or purple and red. But sometimes you just want to keep it simple and offer a punch of pink. This all-pink combo highlights several beautiful flowers. Since there are no distractions from competing colors, the focus can be on color value, texture and shape. Back these pink flowers with a plant that has a deeper color, such as this burgundy ninebark to make the pinks really pop.

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How to grow this pink flower combo

Grow this combination in a spot that has well-drained soil and plenty of sun to get the most flowers and healthy foliage. Deadheading spent blooms will keep these plants tidy and the dianthus will produce a light rebloom in fall.

If plants start looking weak or producing fewer flowers, it’s probably time to divide. Dividing is best done in early spring or fall when temperatures are cool and there is plenty of rain. In addition, the foliage is smaller and easier to handle.

Dividing tips

  • Dig the clump out of the ground and split the woody crown and fibrous roots into smaller pieces.
  • Replant the divisions at the same depth they were growing.
  • These new plants won’t bloom as vigorously the first season but should really get going and be covered in blooms by the following one.

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Pretty-in-pink-vignette-lead: Grow this combination in a spot that has well-drained soil and plenty of sun to get the most flowers and healthy foliage.

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Published: Feb. 12, 2019

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