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How many bulbs do you need?

By: Garden Gate staff
Plug the square footage of your bed or border into our bulb calculator and you'll find out how many bulbs you need.

Bulb-calculator-hyacinth: Find out how many grape hyacinth bulbs you’ll need with the calculator below.

Wondering how many bulbs to buy? Find out with our bulb calculator. Calculate the size of your garden bed here first. Then add that number to the "square feet" box below. Click "Calculate", check the chart and you’ll see how many bulbs you need to buy. Each one has a range so you can plant loosely to show off each specimen or pack them in tight for a big block of color.

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Planting tips

Ensure a beautiful show by planting at the proper depth — usually three time the height of the bulb is just fine. Also, if you’re packing them in tight keep bulbs close but not touching. That way if one rots it’s less likely to spread to its neighbors.

My garden bed is:

Bulb No. of bulbs
per square ft.
No. of bulbs
for my bed
Crocus Crocus spp. and hybrids 10 to 15
Crown imperial Fritillaria imperialis 1 to 4
Daffodil (large) Narcissus spp. and hybrids 4 to 5
Daffodil (small) Narcissus spp. and hybrids 5 to 10
Grape hyacinth Muscari spp. and hybrids 10 to 15
Greek windflower Anemone blanda 10 to 15
Hyacinth Hyacinthus orientalis 4 to 6
Siberian squill Scilla siberica 9 to 15
Tulip (large) Tulipa hybrids 4 to 5
Tulip (small) Tulipa hybrids 5 to 10

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