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A garden journal can help you grow a better garden

By: Garden Gate staff
Get to know your garden! Garden journaling can teach you the best time to plant, help you watch for pests and keep track of your garden’s changes. We have some tips to keep it simple!

Every garden has its own personality, you know — and there's a lot to learn about all the things that make your garden unique. Even if you already pay close attention to your garden’s changes, it helps to keep all that information in one place. There’s no telling what you might discover that will help your garden grow its best. Become a keen observer of the light levels and microclimates in your garden, or stay ahead of a pest infestaion by picking up on the first subtle signs. And besides that, the more you notice, the more there is to love about what’s growing around you.

If you’re worried it will take too much time or don’t know how to begin, expert Aaron Steil has a few tips to make this process easy. You can spend more time reaping the benefits of a well-cared for garden!

Gardening might be more simple than you think. We have many more helpful tips to turn any thumb green. Just check out our class, Practical Landscape Basics, to learn more about starting a garden and keeping it looking great in every season.

Published: June 26, 2018

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