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By: Garden Gate staff
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Garden Gate Issue 147

Pruning Simplified by Steven Bradley

Pruning can be complicated. But Steven Bradley makes it simple by showing you exactly how to prune 50 different popular garden shrubs and trees. Each plant gets its own page with key information about the pruning tools, timing and technique, as well as a large, detailed illustration showing you exactly what you need to do. The book also covers the basics of pruning trees, hedges, climbers and more.

Rain Science 3 Gallon White Mesh Grow Bag

Rain Science 7 Gallon White Mesh Grow Bag

Rain Science Grow Bags

If you’ve tried fabric grow bags before and been discouraged by how easily they tear or grow moldy, these Rain Science grow bags are here to remedy your woes. Made out of durable mesh, these bags promote better drainage, allow more oxygen to penetrate the root system and can be cleaned and reused. They are USA made, certified safe for organic gardening and have a lifetime warranty.

Collapsible watering can

It’s not always easy to find a place to store bulky watering cans. But this collapsible one can be stashed away in convenient places, such as under the kitchen sink, in the back closet or beneath the seats in your car. The neck of the watering can can be unfolded when needed, and the flexible transparent body expands when filled, holding up to 1 ½ gallons. The screw-on cap reduces spilling and makes it possible to store with water already in it!

Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope

A handy microscope that attached right to your smart phone.

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