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By: Garden Gate staff
Find products featured in issues of Garden Gate Magazine here. We've included helpful links so you can easily add them to your garden collection!

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Garden Gate Issue 173 - September/October 2023

ZoomBroom Tornado F-2 Lightweight Leaf Blower

Designed by golfers who wanted to blow leaves off the putting green in the fall, this lightweight blower is equally effective at blowing leaves, grass clippings or even light snow from the steps, patio or garage. A wall storage hanger keeps the blower at hand for quick cleanup jobs. The battery charges with a simple plug-in, and you can get up to 30 minutes run time.

Garden Gate Issue 171 - May/June 2023

illustration diamond pattern wire trellis - Illustration by Gary palmer: Illustration by Gary Palmer

Espalier Diamond Wire Trellis

Purchase a customizable kit from Espalier™ to create a diamond-patterned trellis out of wire and anchors perfect for growing flowering vines like clematis in this garden plan.

Garden Gate Issue 169 - January/February 2023

WORX® Nitro 20V Cordless Pruning Shear/Lopper

WORX® Nitro 20V Cordless Pruning Shear/Lopper

Protect your hands from repetitive motion stress during big pruning jobs with a battery-powered boost. At 2.38 lbs., this hand pruner is lightweight yet powerful enough to snip off branches up to 1 inch in diameter with just one hand on the trigger. A rust-resistant titanium blade keeps its sharp edge, and the battery is interchangeable with other 20V WORX tools.

C-bite clips on a trellis with tomatoes

C-Bite Plant Support Kit

Create your own plant staking system in a snap with these clever interchangeable clips. Whether it be a cage, fence or A-frame, you can customize your support structure to suit each plant. The base staking kit contains four 5-foot stakes and four 2½-foot crossbars with safety caps, and 17 clips that snap onto the stakes and each other in a variety of combinations.

Garden Gate Issue 167 - September/October 2022

Plant Knight Plant Protector

Protect newly planted trees, shrubs or transplants from pesky critters and lawn mower or string trimmer damage with this easy-to-install cage. This flexible plastic cone opens on one side to slip around a tree trunk or stems and can be overlapped to tighten around smaller plants. Available in green or black.

Healing with Plants: The Chelsea Physic Garden

This comprehensive guide to the healing herbal properties of more than 140 plants provides an interesting history and overview of herbal remedies, then it shows how to grow or forage and use each plant. Hardcover or Kindle copies available. 256 pages.

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Garden Gate Issue 166 - July/August 2022

Hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird feeders where the nectar sits below the openings like the one linked above helps keep it from dripping and attracting other insects.

Hummingbird mister

propane flame weeder

Bernzomatic® Outdoor Backyard Torch

You can flame weed with a propane weed torch designed for garden use, like the one in the photo above. It should have an extended nozzle that reaches to the ground so you won’t have to bend down. Being careful to avoid plants you want, pass the flame over weed foliage for a few seconds until the leaves look limp.

Use with caution

  • Never burn near dry grass, flammable mulches, or dry leaf litter.
  • Never burn poison ivy or toxic plants that can release irritants into the air and could be inhaled.
  • Check local regulations to make sure it is legal to use in your area.

Drawn to Birds book Cover

Drawn to Birds: A Naturalist’s Sketchbook

Artist Jenny deFouw Geuder’s charming watercolor illustrations highlight this coffee table book filled with tidbits of useful information about birds. You’ll find interesting facts about their anatomy to tips on attracting them to your garden.

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Garden Gate Issue 163 - January/February 2021

Pollination: The Enduring Relationship between Plant and Pollinator

Simple pollination is much more complex than you think. Author Timothy Walker discusses all the intricacies of pollination biology, how pollinators are attracted and rewarded for their efforts, and touches on the ecological and economical aspects of pollination.

Helpful Houseplant Products

Dusting houseplants with microfiber cloths and miniblind duster

Houseplant dusting

Dusting is the simplest thing you can do to keep you plants clean. A good ostrich feather duster works great — just a quick flick of the duster can clean a plant in a jiffy, especially those with lots of tiny leaves. Microfiber cloths are soft and pick up dust easily. For large leaves, try a venetian window blind cleaner — simply clamp it on a leaf near the stem and slide it out to the end, effectively wiping both sides at once. If your plant has an insect problem, such as spider mites or mealy bugs, be sure to wash your duster or cloth before using it on another plant or you may spread the pest.

Leaf Shine

A commercial leaf shine (my personal favorite is Chrysal) also has a few benefits: I have found it prevents dust from settling on the leaves and is easier to wipe off when it does, has some bug killing effect, and can keep plants from drying out too fast. A leaf shine can still clog plant pores if used too much, so go easy and only use it a few times a year. Dracaena, poinsettias, fuzzy-leaved plants and succulents shouldn’t be sprayed with a leaf shine.

Insecticide spray

There are many foliar sprays available; I look for ones that are natural and a little safer to use, such as insecticidal soap, neem oil and pyrethrin-based sprays.

Systemic Insecticide

These bug killers are absorbed into the plant tissues either through a granular formulation applied to the roots or a foliar spray. Once in the plant’s system, they kill any insects that feed on the sap or leaves. Systemic insecticides work well, but I’ll warn you some can smell strong for a few weeks, especially the granular types added to the soil will be noticeable after you water.

Horticultural oils

Sprayed on foliage, a horticultural oil coats the insect’s shell, and suffocating it. Leaf shines can have a similar effect.

Yellow sticky trap

The color yellow attracts fungus gnats, so position yellow sticky traps just above the soil surface. Adults fly to the trap, become stuck and die, hopefully before reproducing.

Mosquito dunks and Mosquito bit packaging in front of houseplants

Bt Products

Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Israelensis, or Bt, is a bacteria that attacks fungus gnat larvae. It is available in several organic-approved easy-to-use forms that are applied to the soil. It can be granules to sprinkle in the pot, cakes or granules to be dissolved in the water and poured on when watering, or a liquid to add to the water. Bt products do need to be watered in, so even if the plant is very wet, make the application first, then let the plant dry before treating again. I have the most success eliminating fungus gnats with Bt in any form.

Potting mix

Fungus gnats invariably arrive in fresh potting mix, having infiltrated wet bags stored outdoors. Peat and coir-based potting mixes dry out better and are less likely to encourage gnats, while mixes with bark and compost are more susceptible.

Rice hulls on top of houseplant soil

Rice hulls

A layer of sand or rice hulls ¼- to 1-inch thick dries out quickly after watering and provides a dry, inhospitable place for adults to lay eggs.

Natural predators

Nematodes (Steinernema) and predatory mites (Hypoaspis) feed on fungus gnats and their larvae and can be applied to the potting mix as eggs that will hatch and begin to feed.

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Garden Gate Issue 161 - September/October 2021

Audubon Birdhouse Book

Ever wonder why birds don’t nest in your fancy birdhouse? Maybe it isn’t as appealing to them as it is to you. This updated edition of the Audubon Birdhouse Book is full of facts about many North American birds and how they nest, so you can build a safe birdhouse for your avian friends!

Digz Garden Gloves

This reasonably priced and easy-to-find line of gardening gloves has something for almost everyone, and they come in different sizes to fit all hands comfortably. Also available at Home Depot stores and online.

Many styles and colors/patterns are available:

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Garden Gate Issue 160 - July/August 2021

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Facial Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have for gardeners. This one offers lots of protection without a hint of greasiness or thickness. It’s easy to use on your face or body, and I’ve used it for years! 
-Linda Vater

Bonide Captain Jack’s DBB Dust

When holes start showing up on my coleus (Plectranthus hybrids) leaves, I grab my bottle of Bonide®Captain Jack’s DBB® Dust and give it a squeeze to dust the culprits with spinosad. This is a great organic alternative to the old, more toxic insecticides. It’s even safe for use on edible plants. 
-Linda Vater

linda-vater-litheli-blower: Linda cleans leaves off her patio all the time with this lightweight blower from Litheli.

Litheli 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

I love all of Litheli’s products, especially their power, ease of use, and interchangeable battery. A setup like this is well worth the investment. I clean leaves off my patio all the time with this lightweight blower. An hour of charging gives me about 30 minutes of runtime with the 2.5Ah battery.
-Linda Vater

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Garden Gate Issue 159 - May/June 2021

Plant Partners by Jessica Walliser

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your chemical usage and let plants help each other solve problems like pests, weeds and even staking, Jessica Walliser has some good advice in her new book, Plant Partners: Science-Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden.

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Garden Gate Issue 158 - March/April 2021

Fiskars Long-Handled Grass Shears

Save your back and you knees with these handy shears that have a 36-inch-long aluminum shaft. The blades swivel 360-degrees to it's easy to adjust them to suit the job. Add to that an ergonomic handle and spring clean-up, keeping the lawn edge tidy or other trimming chores will be easier than ever.

New Naturalism by Kelly Norris

Gain a new perspective on naturalistic gardening with this book by Kelly D. Norris, horticulturist and plantsman. Norris encourages the reader to consider how plants grow, their origins, and the sites where they thrive to create ecologically diverse yet jaw-droppingly beautiful gardens.

EGO Power+ 9.5" Cultivator Attachment

There’s no need to drag out a huge tiller to work up your soil. If you have a battery-powered EGO POWER+ string trimmer or hedge shear, you already have the power head to run another handy tool. This little cultivator can expand from 8 to 9 ½ inches wide — just the size for tilling up small gardens and raised beds or weeding between rows of plants where you need more maneuverability. 

Power head, battery and charger sold separately.

High-Quality Tote bags featuring Watercolor paintings from the pages of Garden Gate Magazine

Garden Gate Tote Bags

You’ll have lots to carry after your spring shopping trips to the garden center, and we have just the thing to make that easier! Check out our high-quality tote bag collection. We love these lush watercolor pastel prints and durable 100% spun polyester bags with wide, sturdy handles.

Yellow sticky traps for fungus gnats

Help control fungus gnats in your houseplants with these yellow stick traps.

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Garden Gate Issue 157 - January/February 2021

The Well-Gardened Mind

You probably have experienced the positive effects that gardening has on your well-being. This book by Sue Stuart-Smith, a psychologist and life-long gardener, explores the science behind why gardening has a beneficial impact on our lives.

Garden Gate Exclusive Garden Plans

Garden Gate Garden Plans

You’re surely dreaming of all the additions or renovations for your garden this coming year. Get some great help by purchasing a garden plan, which comes complete with plant recommendations and growing info. Garden plan pictured above is the Four-Season plan.

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Published: April 8, 2019
Updated: July 31, 2023

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