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Products Featured in Garden Gate Magazine | 2019

By: Garden Gate staff
Find products featured in issues of Garden Gate Magazine from 2019 here. We've included helpful links so you can easily add them to your garden collection!

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Garden Gate Issue 147 - March/April 2019

Pruning Simplified by Steven Bradley

Pruning can be complicated. But Steven Bradley makes it simple by showing you exactly how to prune 50 different popular garden shrubs and trees. Each plant gets its own page with key information about the pruning tools, timing and technique, as well as a large, detailed illustration showing you exactly what you need to do. The book also covers the basics of pruning trees, hedges, climbers and more.

Rain Science 3 Gallon White Mesh Grow Bag

Rain Science Grow Bags

If you’ve tried fabric grow bags before and been discouraged by how easily they tear or grow moldy, these Rain Science grow bags are here to remedy your woes. Made out of durable mesh, these bags promote better drainage, allow more oxygen to penetrate the root system and can be cleaned and reused. They are USA made, certified safe for organic gardening and have a lifetime warranty.

Collapsible watering can

It’s not always easy to find a place to store bulky watering cans. But this collapsible one can be stashed away in convenient places, such as under the kitchen sink, in the back closet or beneath the seats in your car. The neck of the watering can can be unfolded when needed, and the flexible transparent body expands when filled, holding up to 1 ½ gallons. The screw-on cap reduces spilling and makes it possible to store with water already in it!

Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope

A handy microscope that attached right to your smart phone.

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Garden Gate Issue 148 - July/August 2019

Encyclopedia of gardening techniques

This has long been a go-to reference for gardeners. If yours is falling apart, it might be time for the updated version. And if you know a beginning gardener, this would make a much-appreciated gift. It covers topics from basics to wildlife and edibles, and now includes extended info on native plants. Illustrations on every page guide you through the best practices and helpful tips for the modern gardener.

Burro Buddy

Maybe you can relate to the feeling of never having enough pockets when you’re out in the garden. If so, the Burro Buddy rests on top of the wheelbarrow, elevates multiple long- and short-handled tools above the mix of weeds and debris, and has cubbies, a spot for a drink and a protected place for a cell phone, sunglasses or seed packets. To keep tools nearby, lift the Burro Buddy off and carry it to your work site, where it lies flat. 

Rain Bird In-Ground Impact Sprinkler with Click-N-Go Hose Connect

If an expensive irrigation system isn’t an option, but you’re tired of repositioning the sprinkler when you need to water, the RainBird In-Ground Sprinkler is a happy medium: Bury the sprinkler head and connector mechanism, and attach your garden hose when needed. The sprinkler only needs to be positioned once for efficient and consistent watering all season long.

Fiskars multipurpose garden snips

For heavier-duty garden tasks, the Multipurpose Snips have a serrated edge for sawing through rope or small branches. The included protective sheath is a must as this is one sharp tool! 

Fiskars multipurpose garden shears

Guilty of using ordinary scissors for tasks they just aren’t cut out to do? Fiskars’ Multipurpose Shears cut wire, twine, small ropes and open bottles. Remove the black blade and use it as a knife.

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Garden Gate Issue 149 - September/October 2019

The Water-Saving Garden by Pam Penick

tapplock one-product-photo-sm

Tapplock One+

When you’re eager to open your garden gate or ready to put tools away after an afternoon of chores, a finicky padlock is aggravating. But this high-tech one opens with the touch of a finger! Program your fingerprint (and up to 500 others) into the padlock using a simple app on your phone, then simply touch the center square to unlock. Setup takes little time, and opening the padlock is a cinch. It can also be opened through the app on your phone or by entering a password using Morse code. 

Raised Row Gardening by Jim & Mary Competti

This is a simple and effective new way to grow your veggies — no need to construct raised beds and no need to dig or till. Instead, just build rows right on top of the ground with layers of compost, straw, potting soil and cover crops. The idea is to create nutrient-dense soil without much work. Want to give it a try? This book will tell you all you need to know. It’s best to start the process in the fall, which will give you a jump start on growing come spring. 

Jobe’s Organics Bulb Food

Sprinkle this granular fertilizer around your tulips and daffodils as you plant this fall, and you’ll probably notice bigger or more plentiful blooms in the spring. In summer, feed your lilies and other bulbs after they bloom to increase the show for next year. The instructions on the bag are easy to follow so you can know how much to use and when, based on the bulb type. It’s organic and beneficial microorganisms help break down nutrients for plants and improve the soil.

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Garden Gate Issue 150 - November/December 2019


Western Chief Step-In Shoes

Western Chief offers a variety of quality & stylish garden shoes built tough for work outside.

Sweet-peas-tote-bag-garden-gate-magazine-product sm

Sweet Peas Tote Bag

Carry your love of gardening wherever you go with this Sweet Peas Tote Bag. It’s 18x18 in. and made of poly-poplin fabric. Machine washable in cold water. Also available in other sizes and prints.


Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants by Jessica Walliser

Find yourself running out of room but not ready to stop planting? Check out the space-saving plants in this handy new reference book. Look up the best compact trees, shrubs, perennials and edibles, and learn how to grow them best. Learn how to design a small space and solve several common challenges, such as too much shade and lack of year-round interest.

Post-It® Extreme XL Notes

There are all sorts of handy ways gardeners can use Post-It’s waterproof Extreme Notes. Super sticky, even on rough surfaces; no smudging, disin-tegrating or ripping when wet; and now they’re available in a larger 4½ x 6¾ size.

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Published: Jan. 21, 2021
Updated: Nov. 22, 2021

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