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Colorful fall island bed

By: Garden Gate staff
Colorful fall foliage and flowers give a stellar performance at the end of the growing season keeping your island bed looking great until a heavy frost.

Brilliant-in-fall-garden-plan-Lead: Position the tree towards one end of this kidney shaped bed so its height will visually balance the rest of the planting.

Surround this crabapple with an island planting like this and you can guarantee a good look in every season! Although there’s plenty of spring and summer interest here with the flowering crabapple, spirea and bush honeysuckle, fall is when this bed reaches its peak. By then the foliage encore is in full swing, with deep red spirea, orange bush honeysuckle and yellow crabapple leaves. Add to that the bluebeard, dahlia, aster and black-eyed Susan flowers, and you have quite a show!

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Easy-care fall color

This no-fuss group of plants doesn’t require a lot of work to stay looking good. Scratch some compost into the soil in spring and apply a 2- to 3-in. layer of organic mulch to conserve water. Deadhead any spent blooms to keep things tidy and remove any dead branches or stems from the tree or shrubs. Click through the slideshow to learn more about each of these plants.

Brilliant-in-fall-garden-plan-Lettered-plan:  This kidney-shaped bed is 32 ft. long and 15 ft. wide at its deepest point. Stone outcroppings interrupt the clean-cut edge of the bed and help integrate the planting into the lawn.

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