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Shrubs with fall foliage

By: Garden Gate staff
Great fall colors aren’t just found on trees. Some of the best shades of orange, red yellow and even purple come from these shrubs with fall foliage.

When you think of fabulous fall color, what comes to mind? Stunning maple leaves, mums, pumpkins? Probably. But don’t forget shrubs! These woody plants are workhorses in the garden. Smaller than trees (and often multistemmed), you can find shrubs that fit anywhere—even in containers—and they’ll keep going in your garden for years. While many popular fall plants, such as pansies or flowering kale, add great pops of color, shrubs with fall foliage will give you more bang for the buck as they only get better year after year.

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These five shrubs are fall foliage stars, but they’re also attractive when they’re in bloom and in summer leaf. For a big splash of fall color, think about creating a combo with several of these plants together. It’s nice to have a mix of foliage colors in your garden, and with these shrubs you run the gamut from yellow to orange, red to crimson and bronze to purple.

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Published: Oct. 23, 2018

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