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Everything you want to know about how to grow your favorite flowers and other plants. Meet plants for sun and shade, learn how to grow annuals, perennials, bulbs, trees and shrubs and see our recommendations for which plants will work best in your garden.

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Tips for Growing a Cut Flower Garden

We talked to our friends at PepperHarrow flower farm for tips on how to grow a cut flower garden. Plus find 10 of their favorite plants to grow for bouquets!

Grow Beautiful Blue Wood Aster

Adding late-season color to your garden border is a cinch with native perennial, blue wood aster — and pollinators love all the flowers it produces too!

How to Grow Dahlias

Dahlias are garden border all-stars, and make gorgeous cut flowers too! Learn how to grow dahlias with success.

Heirloom Summer Bulbs

If you’re looking to add some classic charm to your garden, consider growing summer bulbs like gladiolus, dahlias & lilies! See our favorite heirloom flowers that you can enjoy for years here.

Different Types of Lavender

Wondering which type of lavender will work best in your garden? Compare these four different easy-to-find lavender species to see what fits your needs.

Bearded Iris Growing Guide

Keep spring colorful from start to finish with bearded iris. Learn about different varieties, how to plant, divide and more in this growing guide.

Zinnia Flower Growing Guide

Zinnias are the most cheerful flowers you can plant — plus they're fast-growing, easy-care and add lots of color to the garden.

Fall Garden Show-Offs

Autumn isn't just for trees — here are 10 spectacular plants that highlight your fall garden.

Best Perennials for New Gardeners

Ready to start a new garden? Here are 15 of the best perennials that are perfect for new gardeners and will give you a lot of impact with little effort.

Cosmos Flower Growing Tips

Looking for a flower that’s easy to grow and looks great? Give cosmos a try — it flowers from late spring to frost and won’t disappoint.

Pollinator Garden Plant Pairings

Plant a pollinator garden that supports bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects with these pairings that will provide nectar from spring through fall.
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