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Learn which plants grow where and how to grow your favorite annuals, perennials, bulbs, trees and shrubs.

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How to design with goldenrod

Goldenrod is a prolific native that will add life to your landscape. Design with goldenrod and make your garden explode with fall beauty.

Find the right bulb for your garden

Find the right bulb and the right spot in your garden to plant it with tips and recommendations from Judy Glattstein, author of Bulbs for Garden Habitats.

4 types of hummingbirds

Different hummingbirds live in different regions of the United States. Learn about 4 types of hummingbirds and find out which of these flying jewels is visiting your garden.

Best daffodils for your region

If you‘re wondering which daffodils are best for your garden, use these charts to find out the best daffodils for the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.

Long-blooming salvias

When other plants start to fade in fall, you can count on these long-blooming salvias to keep the garden alive with their vibrant color.

Find the right dahlia for your garden

Dahlias make a late-summer garden spectacular. Be sure you’re buying the right dahlia for the right spot in your garden with our dahlia buying guide.

Jewel-toned fall garden ideas

Plant jewel-toned flowers in your fall garden to make it sparkle. We’ll show you three of our favorite fall garden plant combinations, complete with shopping lists.

8 late-season flowers

Want beautiful blooms as long as possible? Try these 8 late-season flowers for color and interest in your autumn garden.

5 multiseason shrubs

Plant these 5 multiseason shrubs and get an eye-catching bed or border whether they’re blooming or not.

How to identify common butterflies

Learn how to identify five common North American butterflies and see which plants you should grow to bring even more of them into your garden.
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