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DIY Pallet Raised Garden Bed

By: James A. Baggett James A. Baggett
Looking for an easy way to get a new garden started? Check out this easy pallet raised garden bed project, it's as simple as it gets!

Pallet-raised-garden-bed-lead: Upcycling wooden pallets is a great way to create an easy raised garden bed.

Build an easy raised garden bed with upcycled pallets

A pallet planter is an eco-friendly, time-saving approach to growing flowers and vegetables side by side. They cut down on the time spent weeding and make plant identification a snap. The instant rows created by the pallet slats give weeds no place to grow and are the perfect place to write plant names. Wood pallet garden frames require no assembly, are readily available and are also usually free. Although sizes vary somewhat, the standard pallet is 48×40×6 inches. Check your local recycling center for information on where to find wood pallets.

Benefits of a pallet raised garden bed

Raised beds are great for keeping your garden neat and tidy, and using wooden pallets makes building them as easy as laying them out on the ground and adding soil, compost and plants. Even strawberries grow well in pallet planters, helping them stay clean and easier for you to pick.

How to choose the right pallet

Make sure to choose pallets that are in good, sturdy condition and have not been treated with chemicals like pesticides. Ones that are safe to use will be marked with these initials that tells how they were treated:

  • HT (heat-treated)
  • DB (debarked)
  • KD (kiln-dried)

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How to create a pallet raised garden bed

Once you have acquired your pallets and made sure they are not treated with any chemicals, there are just a few steps to create your pallet raised garden bed.

  1. Enclose the bottom and sides of the pallet by stapling a double layer of burlap or landscape fabric to prevent soil from falling through.
  2. Add garden soil and compost to create a nutrient rich growing medium in your pallet raised garden bed.
  3. Add desired plants, water them in & watch your garden grow!

Stacked pallet raised garden bed: Want a taller raised bed? Stack a few pallets to get your desired height.

Stack pallets for a taller raised garden bed

Want to save your back? Try stacking two or three pallets together to make your raised bed taller, like the one in photo above. If you decide to stack the pallets, you only need to enclose the top pallet with burlap or landscape fabric for planting as outlined above, the others below are just to add height. Want to go vertical? Check out another pallet planter idea here.

Plants that will do well in a pallet raised garden bed

Avoid plants that require a deeper root system like potatoes, carrots and beets and instead plant those that grow upward with a shallow root system. Good candidates for a pallet planter include:

  • Annuals
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Herbs
  • Cucumbers

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Published: Dec. 2, 2020

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