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Colorful Windowbox Plantings

By: Garden Gate staff
On the house or sitting on the deck, nothing adds to a garden’s charm like a colorful windowbox planting full of vibrant flowers and foliage.

colorful-foliage-windowboxes-croton-celosia-lead: Here you see two windowboxes next to each other to acheive a full & colorful look for the patio.

Colorful & low-maintenance windowbox for sun

The eye-popping and colorful windowboxes in front of this window couldn’t be more low-maintenance. These are plants that love the sun and don’t need a lot of feeding or deadheading. If your potting mix has a slow-release plant food mixed in, that will be just fine for this group. The celosia and zinnia flowers will last for weeks before you need to deadhead them. Remove the spent blooms and the side stems will grow to take their place.

colorful-foliage-windowboxes-pv2: Bright celosia plumes and colorful croton leaves create a bold plant combination.

Windowbox tips

  • Full sun
  • Water when soil feels dry
  • Zinnias are great cut-and-come-again flowers, trim a few for a vase and more flowers will fill in.
  • Overwinter the croton as a houseplant and use it again next year.


Plant list (number to plant)

A) Celosia Celosia argentea cristata ‘Kimono Cherry Red’ (2)
B) Celosia Celosia argentea cristata ‘Kimono Yellow’ (2)
C) Croton Codiaeum variegatum pictum ‘Petra’ (1)
D) Zinnia Zinnia elegans Magellan™ Orange (1)
E) Celosia Celosia argentea cristata Dragon’s Breath™ (2)
F) Sweet potato vine Ipomoea batatas ‘Margarita’ (1)

Each windowbox is 40 in. long × 12 in. wide

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Colorful Shade Garden Combos

colorful-foliage-windowboxes-coleus-impatiens-lead: This colorful foliage combination adds color to a shady spot.

Colorful foliage windowbox for shade

There are hostas and hydrangeas planted in the garden in front of it, so you know this box is in some shade. But the warm colors brighten the scene. Coleus, fern, sweet potato vine and licorice vine are grown for their foliage colors and textures. Paired with long-blooming impatiens, this combo looks good all the time. Richer colors from the impatiens pick up colors in the leaves and add a touch of brightness. Both the coleus and the impatiens were purchased as six packs and planted in clusters.

Windowbox tips

  • Part to full shade
  • Water when soil feels dry
  • Cut back the coleus if it gets too tall
  • No need to deadhead impatiens


Plant list (number to plant)

A) Coleus Plectranthus Superfine ‘Rainbow Festive Dance’ (12)
B) Impatiens Impatiens Super Elfin™ Samba Mix (24)
C) Sweet potato vine Ipomoea batatas ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’ (2)
D) Coleus Plectranthus Kong™ Red (2)
E) Licorice vine Helichrysum petiolare ‘Licorice Splash’ (2)
F) Giant sword fern Nephrolepis biserrata (1)
Windowbox is 60 in. long × 10 in. wide

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