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7 ways to use conifers in the garden

By: James A. Baggett
Fall is a great time to plant trees. And you’ll thank yourself this winter if your garden has a few conifers. Learn one expert’s secrets to designing with these evergreens.

designing-with-conifers-pv2:A variety of conifer species and cultivars of different sizes, textures and colors combine for a front-yard display with year-round interest.

Conifers — plants with seed-bearing cones — are versatile and attractive additions to the landscape. Many popular selections are cold-hardy to USDA zone 4, providing evergreen color and structure long after seasonal flowers fade and deciduous plants lose their leaves.

Harrison Tuttle started collecting conifers when he moved into his home on a half-acre property in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2005. Today he has a collection of more than 500 conifers (from 16 genuses), including cedars, cypresses, firs, junipers, larches, hemlock, pines, redwoods, spruces and yews.

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Designing with conifers

You may not be ready to take the plunge with conifers, but you'll be amazed at how just a few scattered throughout your garden can boost its year-round appeal. Take a private tour of Harrison’s conifer garden in North Carolina, and discover 7 great ways to use conifers in any garden.

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Published: Nov. 30, 2018

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