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How to get your amaryllis to bloom twice a year

By: Garden Gate staff
The only thing better than an amaryllis blooming in winter is one that blooms in summer, too! Here’s how it’s done.

fp-help-your-amaryllis-bloom-twice-lead: Amaryllis like this ‘Apple Blossom’ are so beautiful that it's worth saving to encourage it to bloom again.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrids) have beautiful, exotic flowers that come in an array of colors and are most often purchased and grown to bloom around the holidays. But you don’t have to pitch them when the holidays are over! If it’s hard to say goodbye to your beautiful amaryllis flowers, follow our steps below. Come summertime, you’ll be greeted by another round of these blooming beauties.

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fp-help-your-amaryllis-bloom-twice bigger: Give your amaryllis proper light and water to get it to bloom.

Step one — Encourage your bulb to bloom

Start with the biggest bulb you can buy, and choose a container that’s 1 ½ or 2 in. wider than the diameter of the bulb. Put the bulb in all-purpose potting mix and let the top quarter poke above the soil line. Then, to care for the bulb:

  • Water thoroughly and set it in a sunny south-facing window. Once you see green peeking from the top of the bulb, start watering every time the soil gets dry (about once a week).
  • Fertilize with a water-soluble plant food.
  • Over the next few weeks, several stalks emerge and eventually set buds and bloom. When the blooms open, move the plant out of direct light so the color doesn’t fade. Remove the spent flowers as needed.

fp-help-your-amaryllis-bloom-twice quiet time: After your amaryllis has stopped blooming, you will force it into dormancy so it can rebloom again later in the year.

Step two — Let the bulb go dormant

When the flowers are done, cut the spent flower stalks back near the base. Let the foliage grow for a couple months and keep up the watering and fertilizing schedule. Then it’s time to force the bulb into dormancy:

  • Stop watering and move your amaryllis to a cool, dark place — 40 to 45 degrees F. You might want to tip the pot so you won’t absentmindedly water it.
  • Let the bulb rest like this for eight to 10 weeks. Don’t worry about removing any of the foliage right now.

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fp-help-your-amaryllis-bloom-twice more-blooms: After it has gone dormant, you can prepare your bulb to blooms again.

Step three — Prepare the bulb to bloom again

After the rest period of eight to 10 weeks, bring your amaryllis back out and start over.

  • Pull off the dead foliage and water. You may need to set the pot in a tub of water to rehydrate dry soil.
  • Set it once again in a sunny window and begin regularly watering and fertilizing as green emerges.
  • In several weeks, you can expect another round of blooms.

Pushing an amaryllis to rebloom takes its toll. And your bulb will probably get smaller each time, ending up as mostly just a papery husk that you’ll throw away. But by following these steps, you can get several flushes of blooms over a couple of years from one bulb. And who wouldn’t want that?

Published: March 11, 2018
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