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Save your peony blooms for later

By: Garden Gate staff
Don’t you love a fresh bouquet of peony flowers? This simple trick will let you fill your vase with these beauties even after the typical blooming period.

Do you know the feeling when your favorite plant is in bloom? You admire it from the garden, cut the flowers for a vase in your home and try to soak it up as much as possible. If you’re a fan of peonies, here’s some good news: You can "hold over" peony buds in the fridge for several weeks! So even after the plant has finished blooming in late spring, you can have a vase of garden-picked peonies in summer. Let’s look at the quick and easy steps.

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fp-pg-hold-over-peonies-lead: Gently press the peony bud with your thumb, it should squish slightly and have the density of a marshmallow.

Choose the right peony bud

With peonies, you want to pick the budding flower before it has bloomed. The key is to pick a bud that is not too tight and is starting to loosen. Gently press the bud with your thumb, as shown in the photo here. It should squish slightly and have the density of a marshmallow.

How to store your peony buds

Cut the stem just above a set of leaves and longer than you will need it to be for your vase, because it will need to be trimmed again when it’s time to arrange it. Place the buds inside a large plastic zip bag and seal it to preserve the moisture. No additional moisture is needed because it could cause mold to develop. You can store them in the fridge for one to two months!

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Arrange your peonies in the vase

When you are ready to have a bouquet of peonies, take the buds out of the fridge. Cut the stem again about a half-inch from the bottom and at an angle, and place them in a vase with room-temperature water. Then enjoy!

Published: May 15, 2018

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