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How to save tender mandevilla plants

By: Garden Gate staff
You don’t have to say goodbye to this colorful tender vine. Bring it indoors and save money next spring!

How to save tender mandevilla plants

Save money next year by bringing a tender mandevilla plant indoors this winter instead of letting it die. When the weather cools to about 55 degrees F, cut the plant back, to about 12 inches, and wash it thoroughly to remove insects. Move it into a cool basement, garage or crawl space that maintains a winter temperature above freezing — around 50 to 60 degrees F is ideal. Because it will go dormant, supplemental light isn’t necessary. Water occasionally so it doesn’t dry out completely, but don’t fertilize. In early spring the plant will start to form new shoots. Keeping it indoors, move it to a sunny window and pinch the growing tips to form a bushier vine. Wait until all chance of frost has passed and nighttime temps stay above 60 degrees F before moving it outside.

Published: Nov. 7, 2017
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