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Prevent holes in the yard

By: Garden Gate staff
Use this guide to ID chipmunk holes and determine what steps to take next.

Prevent holes in the yard

Quick and small chipmunks dig nesting holes that can lead to long, elaborate tunnels.

WHAT’S THE HOLE LOOK LIKE? Chipmunks, like the eastern chipmunk in the inset, have cheeks that expand to carry food or excavated soil. They deposit this elsewhere in the yard, so nest openings may not always be surrounded with loose soil. Holes 2 inches wide are often located alongside a path or walkway, like at left.

WHAT’S THE DAMAGE? This critter doesn’t just dig in the yard. Chipmunks burrow into containers and may even dig up bulbs in their hunt for earthworms, berries and seeds.

WHAT’S NEXT? Predators, such as birds of prey or cats, help control an infestation. Instead of filling or flooding holes, bait rat traps with peanut butter, or pin chicken wire over soil as needed.

Published: July 28, 2015
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