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Squirrel-proof your birdfeeders

By: Garden Gate staff
Squirrels eating your birdseed and chewing up your birdfeeders? Here’s how to keep these pests away!

Squirrel-proof your birdfeeders

Don’t you hate it when squirrels raid your birdfeeders? Here are a few simple deterrents:

  • Use bird food treated with hot pepper sauce, which birds don’t mind but squirrels usually dislike.

  • Put baffles (metal or plastic “collars”) on the posts below birdfeeders to discourage squirrels.

  • Place feeders at least 10 ft. from structures or the branches of tall trees.

  • Give them their own feeder at least 15 to 20 ft. from your other feeders. If this squirrel has its own ear of corn, maybe it’ll leave the birdfeeders alone.

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