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Flowers bursting with color. Fragrance floating along the breeze. Fruit ripening perfectly. Bees busily pollinating. These garden pleasures tell only half of the story. Boots discarded at the door, dirtied shovels hung in the shed and leaves thrown into the compost tell the rest. We know what goes on behind the scenes to make a great garden. From a yard sprawling with dazzling perennials to a single violet on a windowsill, gardens and gardeners of all kinds inspire us. Garden Gate magazine gathers and shares wisdom that can help any thumb turn green.

It's like homegrown bounty passed across the neighbor's fence. Flip through pages of phenomenal photography, helpful illustrations and practical advice, but don't just let it take your breath away. When you close the cover of our magazine, slip on your garden gloves, grab your trowel and walk into your garden geared with the freshest techniques, design ideas and plant information.

Head for the soil. Let's garden together.