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How to build copper patio torches

By: Garden Gate staff
Shed some light on your garden by creating your own copper patio torches.

In issue 108, we shared instructions for making your own copper patio torches. They’re sleek and cost much less than buying a ready-made set. Just look ahead for simple step-by-step photos to help you as you build!

At your local hardware store, pick up the items in the materials list below along with a medium-grit abrasive pad and a pipe cutter. An inexpensive pipe cutter will slice pieces to the right size, but be sure it can cut through pipe more than 1 inch in diameter.


The pipe (mounting post), air chamber (oil reservoir), reducers (base/cap) and bushing(wick holder) are shown here.

  • 5 ft. of ½-in. pipe (mounting post)
  • 2   1-in. to ½-in. reducers (base/cap)
  • ½ in. × 14 in. air chamber (oil reservoir)
  • ½ in. × 3⁄8 in. bushing (wick holder)
  • Replacement torch wicks
  • Epoxy
  • Water-based polyurethane spray
  • Patio torch oil
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