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Wine bottle garden lights

By: Garden Gate staff
Here's how to light a garden path with wine bottles and a string of holiday lights.

Here’s a clever idea for lighting your garden path that uses empty liquor or wine bottles and icicle holiday lights. Collect enough empty colored bottles to line both sides of your path—you can ask a local bar to save bottles for you. Cobalt blue glass gives off a soft blue light, but any color will work.

Dig a trench 6 in. deep and as wide as a single bottle along both sides of the path. Spread about an inch of sand in the bottom of the trench. Next, take a string of icicle-style holiday lights, slide a single short strand into a bottle and set the bottle upside down into the trench.


To stabilize it, pour more sand around it, until you have about 4 in. total. Not only does the sand hold the bottles up, it also helps water drain away from them. Continue in this way down the rest of the path. After you’ve set all the bottles along your path, pack about 2 in. of soil over the sand and around the bottles. About 5 in. of the lower part of the bottles should be sticking out above the ground. These lights can last for several years or longer depending on how frequently you turn them on.


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