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How to water succulents and cactus

By: Garden Gate staff
Here’s a simple solution to make watering succulents and cactus easy.

Sometimes watering cactus and succulents indoors can be tricky. If they’re spaced close together or growing tightly in tiny pots, it’s time-consuming to pull each one out to water (and difficult and possibly perilous to work a watering can in there). Try this watering solution instead: Attach an 18-in.-long piece of clear tubing to the spout of a condiment bottle. Then fill the bottle with water, guide the tubing into the pot, give a squeeze and dampen the soil. It’s easier to maneuver the flexible tubing into each pot than a watering can spout. Plus, by using the long tube, you can avoid getting poked by sharp spines on prickly plants.

Published: Feb. 28, 2018

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