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How to easily refill your bird feeders

By: Garden Gate staff
Make filling bird feeders a snap with this helpful DIY scoop.

Don’t struggle to balance a funnel while scooping or pouring seed into bird feeders. Make the task quick and mess-free with this tip from Norma Anderson of Illinois!

Once it’s empty, wash out a gallon milk jug and screw the lid back on. Then cut into the plastic just below the handle, continuing until the bottom comes off and the jug resembles an oversized scoop.


This new shape allows you to shovel a large amount of birdseed straight from the storage bin. While holding the jug above the feeder, unscrew the lid and just let the seed empty out, like you see below. With help from this handy scoop, you can easily refill feeders anywhere out in the yard, too.


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Published: March 30, 2018

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