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Not sure how to plant, prune or divide your plants? We’ll let you know how and when to tackle these tasks. We also have helpful advice on starting seeds, how to identify (and get rid of) weeds and save water.

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Weed Watch: Multiflora Rose

This invasive plant can form a dense thicket in a few years as its thorny, arching stems take root. Here's how to get multiflora rose under control.

Dealing with Tree Roots

A tree's extensive root system can lead to occasional problems in the garden. Let’s take a look at three common issues with roots.

Native Bees Overwinter in Unexpected Places

Despite appearances, the bees never really left us. While we snuggle under blankets indoors, native bees hide under leafy covers of their own as they overwinter until spring.

7 Plants I Always Start From Seed

Learn about the plants I love growing from seed each year! Whether it's trying something unique, growing heirlooms, or saving money, I'll share how & why here.

Comparing Biodegradable Plant Pots

Want to use less plastic when starting seeds? We tried out several different biodegradable pots. Check out our comparison to see which one works for you!

How to Start a Garden Journal

If you've wanted to start a garden journal (or get back to using one!), check out these tips from artist and teacher, Carrie Carlson.

Types of Garden Spiders

Garden spiders may give you a start when you run across one unexpectedly but they're great partners in the fight against plant pests!
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