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Colorful courtyard

By: Garden Gate staff
Install this welcoming patio outside your back door, then add color, fragrance and flavor with this simple 10-plant garden design.

Grow a garden around your patio! Most of this garden is situated in full sun. That’s perfect for shrub roses, lilies and annuals, such as verbena and sweet alyssum. They’ll give you a summer of color. Fragrance lingers in a courtyard because the breeze is blocked. Open the windows and you’ll instantly know when the first lily blooms! And a small bed of your favorite herbs will scent the air if you brush against the plants. Tuck a few vegetables in along the privacy fence where they’re out of constant view, yet close at hand for harvesting. As you head back to the kitchen, pluck a few herbs. And don’t forget to pick a bouquet of flowers for the table. Sow seeds of a few of your favorite annuals beneath the apple trees. By late summer you’ll get enough fruit from these narrow trees for a pie or two after you enjoy some of the fresh fruit. Look over the detailed planting plan below. Then check out the 10 plants you can use to create the same look in your backyard.


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Published: March 5, 2018

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