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The sounds of summer

By: Garden Gate staff
Noticing noisy insects lately? Here's how to identify them.

The sounds of summer

You may hear insects in your garden, but never be sure which ones are making all the noise in the summer. These photos show three backyard noise makers. Keep reading for clues in identifying the “songs.”

Locusts A locust is a type of grasshopper. Adults appear in late summer and are active during the day. Carolina grasshopper is common throughout the United States and makes a crackling or clicking sound when it flies.

Cicadas There are more than 2,500 species of cicadas, and each one has its own mating song that’s sung by the males. Some cicadas can be as loud as 120 decibels, making them among the noisiest insects. You’ll typically hear their loud buzzing in late afternoon to early evening. Annual cicadas emerge every year and are most active in late summer. Periodical cicadas have long life cycles, living underground for many years, then emerge in large masses and can be very loud.

Katydids Another insect that makes a lot of sound is the common true katydid, found in the eastern half of the United States. It sings “ka-ty-did” or “ka-ty-did-did” in choruses while perched high in the trees from dusk into the night.

Published: July 4, 2017
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